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As part of the ZEIT Foundation's initiative “Partnership with Africa,” a scholarship fund has been created for African applicants to the Bucerius / WHU Master of Law and Business program at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany.

Participants obtain a unique ability to analyse the ever-increasing number of international issues that involve both legal and economic elements.

Applications for the Master of Law and Business Scholarships Program should be submitted.Early applications are encouraged. There is no application fee.

An application to the Master of Law and Business Scholarships program consists of the following:

  • An application form, available here, that has been completed, signed and dated.
  • A personal statement, providing information about your areas of special interest, your career goals, previous overseas experience, and why you wish to participate in the MLB Program.
  • A writing sample, preferably business or legally-related, consisting of at least five pages. Examples include a research paper, thesis, research memorandum, office memorandum or other documents that provide us with an example of your English-language writing skills.
  • Official transcripts from all degree-granting academic institutions that you have attended. All transcripts must include an English translation and an explanation of the grading system used. Please also include an official statement of class rank. If no official class rank is available, please provide us with an estimate of your rank and a description of how you calculated it.
  • If English is not your native language nor the primary language of instruction for your first degree, you must provide us with an official report of results either from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS or CPE. Bucerius Law School’s institution code for the TOEFL is 7181. Minimum TOEFL requirements are 250 points (computer-based test), 600 points (paper-based test) or 100 points (internet based test).
  • Minimum requirements for the IELTS are 7,0 and for the CPE grades A,B, or C.
  • Two or three letters of recommendation from faculty members, lawyers, businesspeople, judges, or others who can assess your skills and character. These letters, on the form available here, should be attached to your application.

    The Master of Law and Business Scholarships program offers some financial aid to selected students in the form of a partial waiver of tuition.

    After acceptance to the program, students seeking scholarships or tuition waivers will be requested to fill out a Finances Form.

    Note: Preference will be given to students from African countries.

    For further details, and application materials, contact: Master of Law and Business Scholarships, ZEIT Foundation, Germany

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