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Master of Biostatistics Scholarships: This two-year programme provides sound training in Modern Statistical Methodology with a focus on the Design and Analysis of Biomedical and Epidemiological studies.

The following compulsory courses are taught as part of this international programme: Concepts of Probability and Statistics; Regression; Analysis of Variance; Nonparametric Methods; Correlated and Multivariate Methods; Principles of Statistical Inference; Foundations of Linear Models; Applied Data Modelling; Medical Biology; Multivariate Data Analysis; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Epidemiology; Genetic Epidemiology; Survival Data Analysis; Clinical Trials among others.

The programme puts strong emphasis on project work and the development of scientific writing skills.

Typical projects are: Learning from Data; Discovering Associations; Longitudinal Data Analysis and Advanced Modelling Techniques.

The final part of the programme is a summer project: each student takes part in the ongoing statistical activities at a company, institute, laboratory, etc. The project is assessed on the basis of a scientific report presented orally.

Admission requirements:

All applicants should hold a university degree. Applications are primarily expected from candidates with a degree in a maths and/or statistics-oriented discipline.

Graduates from fields like medicine, biology, agriculture and bioengineering may also be admitted, provided they can show good skills in maths and statistics.

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