Marine Conference Grants

The 18th Biennial Conference will take place October 12-16, in Québec City, QC, Canada.

Abstract Submission Process:

While putting together your abstract, please keep in mind that the conference aims at presenting and discussing the latest advances in marine mammal science and their ability to provide predictions of ecological importance or solutions to conservation issues.

A higher priority will be given to work reflecting innovative, testable and quantitative science than to those that describe updates or modifications to older findings.

The abstract submission process has changed slightly compared to previous conferences, as only One submission, done by pasting text directly into the Abstract Submission Form, will be required.

Font style, character size and general format for title, authors and text are predetermined, and a formatted abstract will be generated automatically.

The person submitting an abstract will be prompted to review the final product.


Experient has negotiated room rates for Biennial participants at the Hilton and Delta hotels.

Both hotels are right beside the conference centre and a block away from the walls of the Old City and its restaurants, pubs, etc.


The Society for Marine Mammalogy encourages student participation in the 18th Biennial Conference and has committed funds in the form of Student Travel Grants to help defray travel expenses.

Similarly, the Society has a programme of conference grants to a limited number of colleagues in developing and soft-currency countries.

The purpose is to promote international scientific participation in the biennial conferences.

Deadline: 30 April.

For more information and application, visit: Marine Conference Grants