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Up to 6 MSc in structural biology scholarships are being provided for commonwealth students studying structural biology (internet based course) this year (2007) at Birkbeck college, University of London.

This Internet-based degree will introduce you to exciting developments in modern structural molecular biology.

For the first year of the programme you will learn the principles of protein structure and organisation, and its implications for function.

In the second year, you can choose either to specialise in Techniques in Structural Molecular Biology or Protein Crystallography, which provides a more detailed insight into how protein crystal structures are determined and how results should be judged.

Tutorials and interactive sessions take place over the Web using virtual environments similar to chat rooms.

Application forms, references and supporting statements must be submitted to the School of Crystallography.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities Committee meets in early July and they will confirm which students are successful.

Nominations to the Committee will be made by the School of Crystallography and students should address all correspondence to the Course Administrator in the first instance at m.austin [at]

The standard College on-line application form should be used for all applications:

Two professional/academic references are also required along with an endorsement from an applicant’s employer, if appropriate.

Applicants should also provide a statement of up to 500 words on the broader developmental impact of their studies – ie how following this course will help their society and the field in which they are working, rather than the impact of the course on the development of the individual.

This statement is a key area of importance considered by the ACU committee and they might refuse to support candidates if they feel that they do not have an appropriate background or experience.

Please send copies of your statement and references direct to Maureen Austin the course administrator at the email address above.


Candidates should be Commonwealth citizens who are working in Commonwealth developing countries and will be remaining there for the foreseeable future.

No submissions are acceptable from Zimbabwe.

Applicants from any other Commonwealth country are welcome to email: m.austin [at] if they are uncertain of their eligibility.

Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

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