MSc/PhD/MD-PhD Neurosciences Scholarships

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Scholarships in Neurosciences - Medical Scholarships for Neurosciences - International Scholarships 

MSc/PhD/MD-PhD Neurosciences Scholarships; The Neuroscience Program supports every student with up to 500 Euros/month throughout the first year if the request for financial aid is well justified.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree, or equivalent degree, in biology, psychology, medicine, physics, or related fields.

Tuition fees for the Neuroscience Program are covered to a great extent by the German government

Throughout the first year, the Neuroscience program covers the costs for a liability insurance for all students

Whether a student receives the full amount through a stipend of the program or whether financial aid is granted, in part, through a student loan, depends on the number of students applying for a scholarship and on the financial situation of the applicant.

Every student is required to declare all stipends, fellowships, grants etc. she/he receives from other sources to the coordination office.

Students who obtain a full scholarship (500 Euros or more) from other sources (e.g. government, home university, DAAD, companies, etc.) will not receive additional funding from the Neuroscience Program.

Neurosciences Scholarships - Basic Support:

  • All students (exception: students who receive a full room and board scholarship from other sources) receive basic support of 150 Euros/month from the program throughout the first year.
  • This basic support covers the rent in a student dormitory and part of the health insurance.

    MSc/PhD/MD-PhD Neurosciences - Matching Fund Scholarships

  • Successful fund raising efforts on the initiative of the students will be awarded.
  • Upon acceptance to the program, students are encouraged to contact companies (specializing, for example, in biotechnology or pharmaceutical products), foundations, academic exchange programs, or their government for financial aid.
  • Upon request, the program will support such grant applications with a letter of recommendation.
  • Sponsorships of up to 225 Euros per month from a third party will be matched by an equal amount from the program throughout the first year, paid in addition to the basic support granted to all students.

    Full Scholarships in Neurosciences

  • A limited number of full room and board scholarships (up to 500 Euros per month, including basic support) are available through the program.
  • The award of a full scholarships for neurosciences depends on individual financial need and the number of students applying for a full scholarship.
    For more information and application, visit: MSc/PhD/MD-PhD Neurosciences Scholarships Website
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