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Low cost volunteering: Advance Africa provides low cost volunteer work abroad in Africa. We promote cheap volunteering opportunities, low cost overseas volunteer work and last minute volunteer programs.

You can combine your low cost volunteer program with cheap holidays in Africa. We are able to organise your placement and accommodation within weeks or even days of you contacting us.

Our unique, cheap volunteer abroad programs provide an avenue for people of all ages to help African communities in need.

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Advance Africa helps you to make a difference through cost effective and safe international volunteering opportunities. We are able to offer cheap programs because we work directly with the project where we send you.

You will work at projects where your contribution will make a real and meaningful difference. In addition, you will be offered a personal and customisable placement service. You will be supported throughout the duration of your placement.

We use our local knowledge and spend time in the country meeting your requirements.

Low Cost Volunteer Safaris & Volunteer Expeditions

Low cost volunteering abroad in Africa

We organize optional safaris and expeditions for all our volunteers. Payment for this is separate.

Volunteers typically join up together for a 1 - 4 day safari while volunteering in Africa.

Volunteer Program Costs

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