Leymah Gbowee Foundation Scholarships for African Students to Study in UK

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Leymah Gbowee Foundation Scholarships for African Students to Study in UK.

The University of Dundee in partnership with Leymah Gbowee Foundation offers one African female student, from Liberia, Nigeria or Ghana, the opportunity to undertake a 1 year Masters degree at the University of Dundee fully sponsored for both tuition fees and living expenses up to a total of £20,000.

Leymah Gbowee was a single mother of four, living in the war-ravaged nation of Liberia, struggling to feed her children and living in constant fear of brutal death at the hands of the country's warring factions.

One day she decided she had had enough of this way of life, and set out to end the 14-year conflict that had devastated her nation and destroyed the lives and dreams of its people.

By day she gathered small groups of women in peaceful protest, by night she studied and taught the peaceful protest strategies of Martin Luther King and Ghandi.

The women's peace movement in Liberia grew - and ultimately brought an end to the war.

For her contribution to ending the war in Liberia, Leymah Gbowee shared the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. She now works promoting the education of women in Africa which she believes is a key strategy for the transformation of the continent and its leadership.


Criteria for awarding the scholarship is as follows:

  • The applicant must be a Liberian, Nigerian, Ghanaian country national citizen
  • The applicant must be permanently resident in Liberia, Nigeria or Ghana at the time of application
  • The applicant must be female
  • Applicants will be selected on the basis of their merit and potential evidenced by their personal statement.

    The awards will be given to students who are undertaking a one year taught masters programme at the University of Dundee.

    Applicants should already have been offered a place at the University of Dundee and should have firmly accepted that offer or be intending to do so.

    Application Information

    Preference will be given to a candidate who has shown evidence of upholding the ethos of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa through sustained personal growth, involvement in community development, and a strong commitment to the advancement and education of women and youth in her home country.

    It is recommended that the candidate provide examples or a personal narrative that highlight leadership qualities, personal fortitude, and active participation in developing meaningful opportunities which lead to the social, educational, and/or spiritual advancement of the disadvantaged.

    The successful candidate should be prepared to use the scholarship not only as an educational experience but also as a chance to become immersed in another culture, while fostering understanding of her own country and culture amongst students and the local community of Dundee.

    The applying candidate should address how she hopes to become involved in University or local societies, activities, and/or organisations, and how she will support discourse about issues women face globally.

    The candidate should be aware that this scholarship is the University’s investment in the sustained growth of an individual and the betterment of a community at large.

    The candidate should indicate how she will use the studying abroad experience and the postgraduate qualification to locally or globally promote holistic transformation, facilitate equal access to opportunities for all, and encourage a peaceful, reconciled and empowered population in her home country.

    Application Form

    To download the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa Scholarship application form, follow the links below.

    Application Procedure

    1. Complete the application form
    2. To complete the application process you must complete the form and submit all relevant documentation and return by email to the University of Dundee - see contacts and email links below.

    Please type Leymah Gbowee Scholarship in the subject area of the email. (Applicants will also be required to provide proof of their African citizenship and permanent residence.)

    Selection Procedure

    A University of Dundee and Gbowee Peace Foundation Selection Committee will consider applications at the end of November to select the successful applicants. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by end of December.

    For more information and scholarships application details and contacts, see; Leymah Gbowee Foundation Scholarships for African Students to Study in UK

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