King Baudouin International Development Prize

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Convinced of the need to foster solidarity on the scale of the entire planet, for ethical reasons and also as a contribution to world stability, the King Baudouin Foundation created the King Baudouin International Development Prize in 1978.

Today the Prize has become the classic reference for acknowledgement of positive examples of development.

The King Baudouin International Development Prize, worth 150,000 euros, is awarded every other year by the Foundation's Board of Governors.

Beyond its actual financial value, the Prize provides winners international visibility and publicity, with the main agents of development in particular, such as the United Nations and its specialised agencies, the World Bank, the European Union and a number of bilateral development agencies, the world of foundations or international NGOs.

True to the personality and values which inspired its creation, the aim of the King Baudouin International Development Prize is to acknowledge the work of persons or organisations which have made a substantial contribution to the development of countries in the southern hemisphere or to solidarity between industrialised nations and developing nations.

It also seeks to remind public opinion that the problems of development are today even more acute than when they gradually emerged in the collective awareness of nations in the aftermath of the Second World War.

To select a winner from among the numerous candidates, the Foundation bases itself on the report drawn up by an independent Selection Committee.

The composition of the Committee is modified slightly each time the Prize is awarded in order to ensure a degree of renewal and the required continuity.

Selection of entries focuses on the multiplier effect of the initiatives put forward, and the opportunities they provide for people in the southern hemisphere to take up the reins of their own development.

Another distinctive feature of the Prize lies in the diversity of the prize-winners.

The list covers a broad number of fields, from literacy to the education of rural communities, technology transfer, new forms of credit, human rights or fair trade.

Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

Application Deadline: 1 February.

For More Information and Application, Please Visit; King Baudouin International Development Prize Website

More; Development Prizes » International Prizes

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