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DSS Field Manager

Reference Number: DFM-01-11

Category: Statistics and Data Management

Salary: 90,603 – 100,453

Grade: 5.1 – 5.4

Location: KILIFI

Country: Kenya

Summary: To support and coordinate field operations by implementing the day-to-day activities of the DSS.

This includes: census enumeration, data entry, mapping, and data quality with operational line management and overview of all field workers in the Epi-DSScluster.

The post holder will be mentored by an experienced Demographer and would have immediate supervision of 25 community interviewers and 5 mappers.

Reporting Lines:

The position holder reports to the DSS Demographer and also responsible to the DSS Coordinating Committee

Job Dimension:

Job holder is required to adapt and suggest improvements to procedures which may involve the interpretation of customer/patient requirements, and contribute to decisions which impact on the work of that section. Staff provide technical or administrative support and advice, or contribute to a research team.

Key Responsibilities:

A. Planning and data Collection:

1. Plan work and provide day-to-day supervision of the mapping team and 25 fieldwork interviewers as they collect data from the field.

This will include: assigning daily workloads and editing of filed work; ensuring correct document and map preparation; ensuring timeliness of departure of the field team (by 8.00am) and distribution of work to data clerks (by 12 pm the following day).

2. Ensure development and maintenance of accurate and up-to-date maps of homesteads and major topographical features within the DSS area

3. Update and maintain procedures, training materials and tools for collecting, entering and editing data

4. Implement changes in the demographic instruments or the mode of data collection through consultation, training and briefing of field workers

5. Ensure security of project documents, equipment and accessories entrusted with and ensure there is adequate supply of relevant forms and materials required

B. Quality control, monitoring and reporting:

1. Maintain quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of the DSS database and maps by investigating and rectifying anomalies that arise in data collection and entry.

2. Review and resolve problems associated with field staff and their work. Collate issues raised in the field stations and escalate them to the appropriate person(s) for action

3. Compile a report at the end of each enumeration round which summarizes the rate of errors and workloads of each census fieldworker.

4. Monitor and evaluate targets vs achievements every two weeks and organize end of census round debriefing and training

5. Evaluate specific feedback from fieldworkers regarding complaints or refusal and monitoring the community response to the census through visits to the field for at least one day every fortnight.

C. Staff management and stakeholders relations:

1. Manage all field workers in the Epi-DSS Cluster and undertake annual and mid-term target setting and appraisals, leave planning and monitoring, staff movement, training and development

2. Work closely and interact with other stakeholders including: SBR, ICT and other team members in the Epi-DSS Cluster. This will also involve attending and participating in meetings, i.e. quality control, CAST and KCRs.

3. Work in close collaboration with SBR team to monitor the response of the community within the DSS area and to maintain good relationships between KEMRI and the community

Skills and Competencies:

1. Able to consult, plan and execute tasks

2. Able to communicate effectively both vertically and horizontally within the cluster and the community including the government administration

3. Excellent computing and writing skills

4. Good leadership skills and ability to handle crisis, solve problems and resolve conflicts

5. Ability to work under pressure, work independently and able to supervise a large team

Qualification and Competence:


A BSc degree in sciences, demography, or social sciences at upper second class or higher with at least 3 years practical field experience, logistics, training and community relations.


Evidence of project management skills, research training or interest and further education in epidemiology, demography and public health.Experience working in a DSS and use of GIS.


The successful candidate will interact with managers of transport, logistics, mapping, data and programming to ensure a smooth and accurate programme of data gathering.

Clinical Officer

Reference Number: CO-01-11

Category: Clinical Healthcare and Research

Salary: 73,706

Grade: 4.8

Location: KILIFI

Country: Kenya

Summary: The post holder will work closely with the principal investigator and clinical team to collect research data for the INTERGROWTH 21st study, whilst contributing to the provision of clinical care within the maternity and antenatal departments.

The study will incorporate ultrasound into antenatal care in Kilifi District Hospital as a means of assessing gestational age of pregnancies. The post holder will be required to liaise with staff on allied studies.

Reporting Lines:

The post reports to the Principal Investigator (s), senior study and clinical staff and has no supervisory responsibility.

Key Responsibilities:

1. To provide high quality clinical care for women attending Kilifi District Hospital for antenatal care and delivery.

2. Develop practical skills in accordance with the data needs of the study, which may include obstetric ultrasound scanning and biological sample processing. Full training will be provided for these skills.

3. To participate in all aspects of research and data collection.

4. To participate in clinical audit and opportunities for continuing medical education – attending and presenting in seminars and participating in staff training events.

5. Plus any ad hoc tasks as and when required by the Principal Investigator.

Skills and Competencies:


Diploma or higher National Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery


Post holder will have:

1. Experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and/or Ultrasound

2. Experience in hospital based studies and data collection for research

3. Training in Good Clinical Practice

4. Ability to work independently and be able to prioritise their work

5. Good communication skills and ability to work within a team.

Any other information: Females are encouraged to apply

Cluster Statistician

Reference Number: CDST-01-11

Category: Statistics and Data Management

Salary: 90,603 to 146,659

Grade: 5.1 to 5.15

Location: KILIFI

Country: Kenya

Summary: The position holder will be responsible for planning, implementation, management, and statistical analysis for various projects in the cluster and more directly for the VAEIK* study.

Reporting Lines:

Cluster Manager and Study PIs/Senior Scientists with a dotted link to the Senior Programme Statistician.

Job Dimension:

Staff operating at this grade range are required to take responsibility for planning their work and plan and manage projects to co-ordinate activities and events.

They are required to adapt and suggest improvements to procedures which may involve the interpretation of customer/patient requirements, and contribute to decisions which impact on the work of that section.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Manage a service providing statistical analyses to all cluster scientists

2. Develop studies analysis plan

3. Oversee junior statisticians in their analyses

4. Oversee the analysis of the Kilifi Epi-DSS (a longitudinal demographic surveillance of 250,000 people)

5. Establish systems for routine analytic reports for ongoing projects

6. Ensure deadlines and project milestones relating to data and analyses are met, coordinating with other members of staff and external collaborators as necessary

7. Ensure deadlines and project milestones relating to data and analyses are met, coordinating with other members of staff and external collaborators as necessary

8. Train junior statisticians and basic scientists in statistical methods

9. Liaise with the Cluster Data Manager and Cluster Programmers to provide efficient data services

10. Contribute to workshops and courses on statistical methods in medical research

11. Analyse the data in the Vaccine Adverse Events in Kenya (VAEIK) study*

12. Liaise with the VAEIK project manager and occasionally travel to meetings with the VAEIK team (Nairobi/Kisumu)

13. Prepare statistical reports on VAEIK for the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, the World Health Organisation and the vaccine manufacturers.

14. Be a member of the statistical support group of the Programme which requires Journal Club presentations and assisting with general statistical teaching

Skills and Competencies:

1. Ability to analyse and interpret research information using statistical software packages

2. Excellent organisational and communication skills, attention to detail and the ability to work as part of a team

3. Be innovative and possess a sense of energy, passion and commitment to building long term relationships with colleagues.

4. Be a team player with ability to consult, prioritise and organise effectively.

5. Excellent computer skills and familiarity with one or more statistical packages (including Stata, R, SPSS or SAS) plus knowledge of any SQL-compliant DBMS (e.g. MS-Access, MS-SQL, MySQL Postgres, Oracle, DB2 etc).

6. Proficiency with statistical and data management procedures (data cleaning, manipulation, summarization, tables, listings, graphics, and inferential statistical output), and report generation


Qualification and Experience:

A Masters Degree in statistics and 5 years experience in statistical analysis.

Must have worked in similar position with demonstrated research experience, preferably in the health sciences.


1. Experience in the field of medical research or public health

2. Experience of teaching statistics

3. Experience working with very large datasets

4. Fluency in STATA and SAS

5. Evidence of management skills


In addition to working with the Cluster team, the position holder will be expected to interact and work closely with Programmers in the ICT section, the Programme Statistician, all data managers in the cluster and other internal and external stakeholders.

Externally, these will include: Ministry of Health, the Department of Vaccines at the World Health Organization, study funders study partners in CDC.

Science Communication Specialist (Re-Advertised)

Reference Number: SCS1-11

Category: Media, Communications and PR

Salary: 90,603 - 146,659 (Dependent on qualification and experience)

Grade: 5.1 - 5.15

Location: Kilifi

Country: Kenya

Summary: The position holder will be responsible for planning, implementation, management, and evaluation of research and public health communication and marketing programs and campaigns for the department, projects and events.

Reporting Lines: The post holder will report to the Cluster Manager

Key Responsibilities:

1. Interacting with stakeholders and managing relationships with researchers, science writers, media specialists, communication specialists, and designers in developing and implementing local, national and international level programs and outreach and educational initiatives.

2. Conducting needs assessment to determine information requirements, developing information databank and developing and implementing communication strategies

3. Gathering data for refining messages, and identifying appropriate communication channels for delivering these messages to ensure maximum impact

4. Acting as information intermediary for projects and the department and identifying appropriate sources of relevant information, gathering, developing and disseminating communication and marketing materials to fulfill the specific information needs of the projects, the department and key stakeholders

5. Translating concepts, scientific papers and messages into effective written and graphic communications with different and effective communications tools and methods

6. Managing communication budget and preparing regular status reports on the impact of the strategies employed and the perception of the projects through a feedback system

7. Developing and maintaining regular and frequent interaction with government officers in various government departments and providing support as necessitated by the needs of the projects and the cluster

8. Presenting technical information to different audiences via powerful media channels and in presentations at local and international conferences

9. Assist and providing support to the communication groups in the Programme

Skills and Competence:

1. A combination of well-developed oral, written, and communication skills, along with an understanding of the way the research and health systems operate

2. Ability to analyse and interpret research information and write/edit research publications

3. Demonstrated experience working with diverse audiences, developing and implementing complex programs and outreach initiatives

4. Be innovative and possess a sense of energy, passion and commitment to building long term relationships with colleagues

5. Strong leadership skills, multi-tasking and managing multiple projects simultaneously

6. Be a team player with ability to consult, prioritise and organise effectively

7. Proficiency in desktop publishing and project management

Qualification and Experience:

Degree in sciences or equivalent with demonstrated competence in science communication with at least 2 years experience in a similar position in a research or health institution.

A diploma in communication or equivalent will be an added advantage.

In addition to working with the department team, the position holder will work closely with the communications group of the Programme to ensure harmony and integration of methods and messages. In addition, he/she will be expected to interact with other stakeholders.

Internally, these include the Programmes Operations support team and the DSS.

Externally, these include the Ministry of Health, training institutions, the Department of Health Promotion, the Department of Vaccines at the World Health Organization, the study funders (GAVI Alliance and the Pneumococcal ADIP), UNICEF, Local Councils, District Administrators, DMOH, donors and the public at large.

Application Procedure:

To apply for this post you must be a registered user. Log into your account then go to Vacancies, view the post and click on the button: "Apply for this job".

Candidates must supply an email and telephone contact that will be used when offering interviews.

The application closing date is 4th February

Candidates who applied for the post earlier do not need to re-apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

For more information and job applications, see: kemri-wellcome

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