KFPE - University Exchange Programme

The programme aims to support exchange and collaboration between Swiss universities or educational institutions and research institutions in developing and transition countries.

Interaction of this kind should contribute to developing the educational, scientific and training capacities of the persons and institution(s) involved, as well as to strengthening the overall research capacity of the partner country.

In addition, the exchange programme will offer Swiss scientists the opportunity to gather first-hand experience in developing and transition countries, enabling them to more effectively contribute to finding appropriate solutions to prevalent problems.

In order to ensure effective implementation of a genuine form of collaboration, projects should take into account the 11 principles of the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE).

Adequate consideration of these principles plays a major role in the assessment of proposals.

Formal Criteria:

  • The request for financial support must originate from a Swiss research or educational institution.

  • The request for support must arrive at least 6 weeks before the project starts.

  • Priority will be given to activities and projects of short duration.

  • However, the duration of a stay abroad – be it in Switzerland or in a developing or transition country – must be 10 days (maximum duration: 4 months).

  • Projects supported by the programme must pertain to a scientific or educational concern and be relevant to the development of a specific sector in the partner country.

  • Both practical and training courses are only supported if they are held in collaboration with a scientific or research institution.

  • Priority will be given to projects related to SDC priority countries.

  • Projects must not be supported by other SDC resources – or if so, then the added value of the submitted proposal must be clearly apparent.

    Expenses Covered:

  • The SDC grant covers a maximum of two-thirds of the (final) travelling costs and daily living expenses in the foreign country, and expenses for ‘minor’ research material (not including PCs, Digital Camera etc.) or translation costs.

  • Research material must not exceed 15% of the total budget. The rest is to be covered by in-kind or cash contributions from other sources.

  • The grant will not cover contributions to health insurances or to AHV.

  • The maximum amount granted is CHF 20,000.-

    Deadline: Throughout.

    For more information and application, visit: KFPE - University Exchange Programme Website

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