Journals Grants for International Authors

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Funding is available to The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) authors for travel to other countries.

The grants of up to £2500 cover travel and subsistence (but not research-related costs) and are available for one or both of the following objectives:

  • To collaborate actively in research
  • To give or receive special expertise and training.

    The funding from these grants comes from the cash surplus generated by RSC publications.

    The RSC's publishing business is distinguished from commercial publishers in that the surplus generated is used to promote and support chemistry, mainly in the UK.

    Recognising that the majority of authors and subscribers who support RSC journals are from outside the UK, RSC Council makes some of this surplus available to both UK and international authors in the form of travel grants.

    There are no restrictions on the countries between which visits may be made.

    Applicants should have a recent record of publishing in RSC journals (at least 3 publications within the last five years, the majority as senior author) in order to satisfy the authorship and scientific requirements.

    Applications will be strengthened by a significant refereeing record on behalf of RSC journals over the last five years (details of the refereeing undertaken by the applicant can be supplied if required).

    The maximum amount for each grant is £2500.

    Applicants should provide appropriate economical costs for travel and accommodation in the application form.

    The RSC reserves the right to award lower amounts than those requested.

    PhD or other students will not be funded and applicants should be engaged in independent research.

    Applications shall be for the sole purpose of collaborative research or special training.

    The minimum time between funded visits is two years.

    Successful applicants will agree to acknowledge RSC Journals Grants for International Authors in any publication arising from the collaboration, and submissions of such papers to RSC journals is strongly encouraged.

    Deadlines: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

    For more information and application, visit: Journals Grants for International Authors Website
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