Japan Science and Technology Agency Funds

In order to advance research and development on issues of global concern such as the environment and energy, disaster prevention and infectious diseases, the Japanese government has decided to supplement the country’s conventional approach to technology transfer with the sponsorship of joint research initiatives between Japanese universities and research institutions and their counterparts in developing countries, among which South Africa.

In order to do this, a joint research funding scheme has been created aimed at the promotion of international partnerships and jointly administrated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In addition, the scheme will involve participation by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) insofar as concerns the pre-selection and submission of project proposals to the Japanese funding agencies, in which regard the DST is pleased herewith to invite said submissions

Proposals submitted in South Africa will be subject to endorsement at government level, and subsequent recommendations for funding made to the Japanese authorities.

However, the final decision concerning funding will be made exclusively by the Japanese authorities, and funding will only be accorded by the Japanese on a unilateral basis according to their own procedures and criteria.

As a result of the unilateral nature of funding, no budget should be submitted as part of the South African application.

The funding limits are US $1,5 million per year for three to five years-only to cover the SA side)

Eligible Projects:

  • Only project proposals submitted in both countries will be considered for funding, thus necessitating prior coordination between the Japanese and South African applicants.

  • Japanese applications should be submitted online, South African applications should be submitted directly to the DST.

  • Only project proposals for research in the following themes and sub-themes will be considered for funding:

  • Theme 1: Environment and Energy Sub-Themes: Research contributing to adaptation to or migration of climate change; Research contributing to the resolution of global-scale environmental issues

  • Theme 2: Disaster Prevention Sub-Theme: Disaster prevention attuned to the needs of developing countries

  • Theme 3: Infectious Diseases Sub-Theme: Research on measures to address infectious diseases attuned to the needs of developing countries

    Deadline: 31st August

    For more information and application, visit: Japan Science and Technology Agency Funds Website

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