JPMorgan Chase Foundation Grants

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation supports an array of activities worldwide and focuses on three strategic areas: community asset development, youth education and community life.

1.Community asset development - encourage, sustain and develop economic self-reliance

  • The Foundation support programs that develop and provide access to affordable and special needs housing;
  • Support the creation and/or enhancement of workforce training programs;
  • Support financial education programs that help low-income adults join the economic mainstream;
  • Promote economic and commercial revitalization of communities through programs that encourage small business development, entrepreneurship, and job attraction and retention.

    2.Youth education - help young people succeed in life and in work

  • The Foundation support programs that promote early childhood literacy and school readiness;
  • Promotes partnerships that build capacity within public schools, with particular emphasis on programs that support the middle-school years and engage students in the arts and/or technology;
  • Support financial literacy programs for young people;
  • Support programs that help non-traditional and underserved students prepare for and gain access to college.

    3.Community Life -enrich communities with sponsorships and events focused on arts and culture

  • The Foundation support organizations that focus upon capacity building, advocacy, technical assistance, and financial support to the broad arts and cultural community;
  • Sponsors arts exhibitions and performances that enhance the quality of life in the communities, with emphasis on programming that addresses cultural enrichment and issues related to diversity;
  • Support programs that promote ecologically sound practices and environmental conservation;
  • Support organizations that focus on emerging or underrepresented artists to foster the creation of new work.

    The JPMorgan Chase Foundation welcomes grant inquiries from non-governmental organizations working internationally in the Foundation's three focus areas: community development; youth education; and arts and culture.

    Of particular interest are requests in the areas of microfinance and support for small business development; low-income housing; youth education in low-income communities; and arts and culture projects aimed at promoting asset development in low-income communities.

    Application Procedures

    To request an application, please submit a short preliminary proposal via e-mail to: nicola.j.mackert[at]

    Preliminary e-mail inquiries should contain only the following information. Please submit the information in the order presented below:

    •Organization name and address

    •E-mail address of contact person

    •Mission statement of organization (no more than one sentence)

    •Title and description of project for which a grant is proposed (no more than two sentences)

    •Location of proposed project

    •Approximate budget of proposed project (in U.S. dollars)

    •Amount requested in U.S. dollars

    For more information on grant guidelines, visit:JPMorgan Chase Foundation Website