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Enhance Your Chances of Securing Employment - Learn New Digital Skills - Register Now & Complete at Least 1 hour of Free Online Coursework Today & Get Google Certification! Internet - It always amazes me how we have a very small number of Africans publishing on the internet. Do a search about Kisumu (Kenya) and you will be bombarded with many websites made by foreigners, probably from their houses in LA, London or Madrid.

I wonder who is better positioned to share knowledge about their town. Is it not the locals who know their town better?

The number 1 ranking website on Google for "Kenya safari" is owned by a Spaniard. It has been number 1 for years. It even beats the official Kenya Government Tourism Website on many searches related to safari.

The same is repeated in the entire African continent. Individuals writing about any topic related to your country are likely to be foreigners.

Why are foreigners writing about your country and many other topics? Why do I passionately send out a newsletter to you every week and do a lot of research on scholarships? Someone must compensate us for all the work we do.

It has never been easier to do business on the Internet. If you want a share of the Internet pie, the time is now.

For several years, I have made a full time income from the Internet and I am not alone. I have met several Kenyans, Nigerians, Zambians and South Africans who do the same. In Africa, South Africans are probably the most enlightened in this area and many run thousands of websites.

For the next several weeks, I will include links in the newsletter that will help you in this area. (Remember we have moved to Advance-Africa.Com & you need to suscribe to the newsletter there).

just give it a go! You may want it to supplement your income, to diversify your sources of income or you probably do not want to retire as a passive employee and need to run your own business. If you do not have a job, this is an excellent way of creating employment for yourself.

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