International Nonviolence Training Grants

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The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute funds projects which promote the principles and practice of nonviolent social change through grantmaking programs including the International Nonviolence Training Fund (INTF).

The INTF was created in by a group of concerned donors with the aim of specifically supporting nonviolence trainings.

The INTF supports nonviolence training outside the United States, and within Native nations in the US.

The maximum grant amount is US$3,000.

Projects eligible for support include:

those which build capacity and leadership among people engaged in nonviolent struggles;

  • those which prepare participants for specific nonviolent actions or campaigns;
  • those geared to "training the trainers," in order to expand and multiply nonviolence training throughout a targeted community.

    Preference is given to:

  • projects which involve trainers from the local area or region, where such trainers are available.
  • groups which are small, community-based and have less access to funding from other sources.
  • We also look seriously at gender balance within the training team and for the projected participants.

    The INTF does not fund:

  • trainings which are geared primarily toward resolving conflicts between individuals, building life skills or job skills, or achieving personal empowerment or economic independence.
  • conflict resolution or violence reduction programs which do not directly promote activism for social justice.
  • scholarships or other funding for people to travel abroad to attend courses or training sessions.
  • trainings with budgets over US$50,000, or organizations with annual budgets over US$500,000.
  • The Muste Institute can and does directly fund organizations which do not have their own 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt status, and/or which are not incorporated.
  • The only time we require a fiscal sponsor is if the organization does not have its own bank account; we cannot issue checks to individuals.
  • If you cannot receive a grant from us directly (with the grant check made out to the name of your organization), please indicate this in your proposal and include information about your fiscal sponsor, including a letter indicating the sponsor's tax-exempt status and some basic information such as a brochure or brief annual report.

    Application Deadline;

    Deadlines for proposals for the International Nonviolence Training Fund are March 4; September 3; and December 3.

    For More Information and Application, Please Visit; International Nonviolence Training Grants Website
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