International Competition of Wildlife & Nature Photography 

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The competition is open to any individual amateur or professional photographer whatever their age or nationality.

The aim of the competition is to show pictures of fauna, flora and landscapes taken in the wild.

Colour or Black & White Paper Competition


1. Wild Mammals (free, living in their natural environment)

2. Wild Birds (free, living in their natural environment)

3. The life of an insect, or a spider (photographed in their natural environment)

4. Plants stories (plants and vegetables living in their natural environment: mushrooms, moss, lichen, trees…)

5. World Landscapes (natural wild spaces where the human presence is limited)

6. Graphism, forms and materials (all the photos except the ones belonging to other categories are taken into account)

7. Other wild animals (other pictures of wild animals: mollusks, shellfish, batrachians, reptiles, fishes, larvae…)

8. The theme of the year: “Yellow”

Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of 15 paper photographs and a maximum of 5 photographs per category. (note: print-outs of digital photos are eligible)

Digital Series Competition

Each photographer can submit a series from 3 to 5 digital pictures dealing with an homogeneous subject (unit of topic, chronology, sequence, season, story…).


  • “A”: Action, movement and behavior
  • “L”: Light and atmospheres
  • “P”: Portraits and close-up (fauna or flora)

    The closing date is June 30, every year.

    For more information see; International Competition of Wildlife and Nature Photography
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