International Architecture Competition - Living Steel's Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing

The awarding ceremony of Living Steel's 2nd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing will be held during China International Architectural Expo and the awarded works will be displayed during the exhibition.

Living Steel is a worldwide programme to stimulate innovation in the design and construction of housing.

The programme was developed to help address societal pressures stemming from increasing urban population densities.

More than €14.25 million has been committed to support the global search for more efficient and effective housing solutions.

Why Steel?

From frames and roofs to exterior façades - steel is being used ever more frequently in residential buildings.

That's because its unique characteristics make it a very practical solution.

Not only is steel light and strong, its prefabrication adaptability, ease of cutting and shaping, and its seismic and wind resistance make it the ideal choice in a range of circumstances.

Contact Information

Living Steel

International Iron and Steel Institute
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Tel: +32 (0) 2 702 8900
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