Industrial Research and Development Internships

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International students and postdoctoral fellows enrolled at a Canadian university may participate in the Industrial Research and Development Internships

Expectations of the intern

  • Develop a research plan in partnership with an academic supervisor and a supervisor from the partner organization
  • Spend approximately 50% of his/her time during the internship on site with the partner
  • Spend a minimum 25% of the time during the internship at the university, receiving direction from the academic supervisor on the best techniques or methodologies to apply to the research
  • Organize monthly status meetings with the academic and partner supervisor
  • Provide updates on the status of the project to MITACS as necessary
  • Ensure confidentiality of partner information as specified in the research program
  • Prepare a summary report at the conclusion of the project which details the research performed, its results and any recommendations
  • Complete an exit survey within one month of the completion of the internship


  • It is required that the intern receive a stipend of a minimum of $10,000 of the total grant for the 4-month internship
  • Any funds over and above the intern stipend will be used to support research related to the internship
  • The intern must be a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow at a Canadian university
  • The intern need not be a Canadian citizen; foreign students and landed immigrants are eligible
  • The intern, academic supervisor and partner supervisor will meet at the initiation of the internship to agree on the research plan
  • The intern will undertake a research project which has the potential to lead to, or supplement, the student’s thesis in the case of a graduate student or to further the PDF’s research program
  • The intern will remain a student of their university while (s)he is an intern and shall not be an employee of the partner organization during this time
  • Masters students can hold a maximum of two internships during their degree; PhD students may do maximum 4 internships and postdoctoral fellows can hold a maximum of six internships
  • Please note that the above limits correspond to an individual’s current degree/position; for example, a PhD student who held two internships as a Masters student may apply to do further internships as a PhD student
  • Internship projects are a minimum of 4-months in duration, however, longer, 8-month and 12-month projects can be supported through a double internship proposal (2 internships) or a triple internship proposal (3 internships)
    No Deadlines

    For more information, see: Industrial Research and Development Internships Website

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