Imperial College London Shell Centenary Scholarships

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Imperial College London, UK, awards 2 Shell Centenary Scholarships and 4 Shell Centenary Scholarships in any of the following areas each year.

Eligible Courses


  • MSc Composite Materials
  • MSc Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management and Fluid Structure Interaction


  • MSc Engineering and Physical Science in Medicine
    Chemical Engineering

  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering
  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology
  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process Systems Engineering
  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with Structured Products Engineering

    Civil Engineering

  • MSc Concrete Structures
  • MSc Concrete Structures and Business Management
  • MSc Concrete Structures and Sustainable Development
  • MSc Earthquake Engineering
  • MSc Engineering Geology
  • MSc Engineering Geology and Business Management
  • MSc Engineering Geology and Sustainable Development
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Environmental Engineering and Business Management
  • MSc Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development
  • MSc General Structural Engineering
  • MSc Hydrology and Business Management
  • MSc Hydrology and Sustainable Development
  • MSc Hydrology for Environmental Management
  • MSc Soil Mechanics
  • MSc Soil Mechanics and Business Management
  • MSc Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology
  • MSc Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics
  • MSc Soil Mechanics and Sustainable Development
  • MSc Structural Steel Design
  • MSc Structural Steel Design and Business Management
  • MSc Structural Steel Design and Sustainable Development
  • MSc Transport
  • MSc Transport and Business Management
  • MSc Transport and Sustainable Development

    Earth Sciences and Engineering

  • MSc Metals and Energy Finance
  • MSc Petroleum Engineering
  • MSc Petroleum Geoscience

    Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • MSc Analogue & Digital Integrated Circuit Design
  • MSc Communications and Signal Processing
  • MSc Control Systems Mechanical Engineering

  • MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

    Life Sciences


  • MSc Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity
  • MSc Conservation and Forest Protection
  • MSc Conservation Science
  • MSc Crop Protection
  • MSc Ecology, Evolution and Conservation

    Centre for Environment Technology

  • MSc Environmental Technology


  • MSc Applied Mathematics Molecular Biosciences

  • MSc Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Physics
  • MSc Optics and Photonics

    All courses are at South Kensington Campus except those marked which are at Silwood Park Campus.

    Completed Postgraduate application forms must be submitted by 31st January.

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