ITF International Funding

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ITF Regional Planting priorities change annually, please look at the three points below and decide whether your project falls within the scope of one of these:

  • The African Sahel or Saharan Africa.

    This includes the following areas: Mali, Mauritania, Northern Ethiopia, Sudan, Northern Ghana, Northern Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkino Faso, Horn of Africa, Eritrea, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria

  • The East, Central and Horn of Africa. ITF is able to consider a limited number of applications for small grants, not exceeding £3,000.


  • If your project involves tree planting, do you have a readily available source of water?
  • Are the intended beneficiaries of the project participants in it?
  • Do you have a clear budget?
  • Can you provide written feedback reports in English?
  • Does your project address at least one of the themes below?

    Poverty alleviation: enhanced livelihoods through sustainable use of forests and forest products.

    Biodiversity conservation: protection and restoration of trees and forests particularly where they form a critical feature of a threatened ecosystem.

    Environmental justice: empowerment and education of communities with emphasis on the young, vulnerable and marginalised.

    ITF will monitor and evaluate the project and require detailed narrative and financial reports to include photographs where possible

    ITF reserves the right to visit projects at any time

    ITF spends very little on promotion and marketing and we therefore seek to raise our profile and make our work known through publicity around planting projects.

    In accepting a grant from ITF the applicant agrees to highlight the ITF logo and name in any associated publicity.

    ITF is required to take reasonable steps to ensure that systems are in place to manage project funds so that good practice is adhered to and that the risk of funds being misused, whether by error or by fraud, is minimised.

    ITF has adopted such systems itself and needs to document the systems which partner organisations have adopted and ensure they are following the same standards.

    Should your application be accepted ITF will draw up a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which is binding on the organisation.

    For more information and application, visit: ITF International Funding Website
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