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INK Conference Scholarships:

The INK conference is an annual conference that aims to fuel innovation and foster knowledge by bringing together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers from a range of disciplines such as art, design, science, social entrepreneurship, sports and technology.

INK featured Speakers such as:-

  • Science educator and innovator Arvind Gupta
  • Filmmaker James Cameron
  • Founder of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly
  • Design guru Philippe Starck and
  • Anti-trafficking activist Sunitha Krishnan.

    The INK fellows program recruits 20 young innovators to attend the INK Conference in Jaipur, India, December 8th – 11th.

    Fellows receive a comprehensive scholarship covering their conference fees, airfare and hotel.

    Fellows give a talk on the Fellows stage or the conference main stage, which may be released online at

    Fellows receive access to the ongoing support and resources of the INK community, which they can capitalize upon to incubate and develop their ideas.

    INK featured Fellows such as singer-composer Joi Barua, rural innovator Mansukhbhai Parjapati, community radio activist Madhu Acharya, model and disability-rights activist Sophie Morgan, and cultural archivist Guillermo Rivero.

    Conference Scholarship Eligibility

    Candidates must meet the following minimum criteria:

    Candidates with a powerful vision for the world

  • Who have taken tangible steps to fulfill this vision
  • Who have demonstrated serious accomplishment at a young age
  • Who the INK community can actively support in their career path
  • Who will actively support and enrich the INK community
  • Who are articulate and communicate succinctly
  • Who have a compelling and inspiring story

    Basic Guidelines

    Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 40. INK prefers Fellows to be representatives from young economies, yet great candidates from any location will be considered seriously and competitively.

    Candidates may be innovators specializing in any field, for example (but not limited to) art, architecture, technology, science and social enterprise.

    For more scholarships, see: INK Conference Scholarships Website

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