IKS Research Fund Program

The Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)program seeks to coordinate and fund research through ring-fenced funding aimed at contributing a great deal towards (among other things) sustainable economic development of not only of South Africa, but the African region as a whole.

Subject Themes:

Research proposals must address either of the two directed themes identified which are as follows:

  • Food and Health, and IKS

  • Education, Curriculum Development and IKS (including other forms of governance and leadership)

    Active participation and equal ownership between academic scientists and IKS holders, practitioners or community members must be evident in the research proposal.

    Who may apply for funding?

  • Universities, science councils, relevant non-governmental organization, community-based organizations and any legally recognized Indigenous Knowledge Holders/Practitioners organizations in South Africa.

  • Funding will only be provided by the National Research Foundation (NRF) through legally binding agreements to organizations/institutions that are recognized as legal entities in South Africa and that can illustrate proof of financial accountability (e.g. financial reports).

    Funding period: Awards will be made for a period of up to three years.

    What can be funded?

    Grant Holder-Linked Student Support

    The distribution for these bursaries is targeted at the ratio:

  • Final year Undergraduate and Honours/BTech student assistantships: 100% SA citizens with a minimum ratio2 of 1:1 for Black and White participants

  • Masters bursaries: 90% to South Africans and 10% to candidates from other African countries

  • Doctoral bursaries: 80:15:5, SA: Other African: Rest of the World

  • Postdoctoral bursaries: Open to all who undertake research in South Africa.

    Research-Related Operating Costs:

    These costs include materials and supplies, travel (including conferences) and subsistence, and equipment.

    These costs should be justified and commensurate with the planned outputs.

    Closing Date: 30 June.

    Where to Apply

    All applications must be submitted through e-mail/fax to Jane Mabena at jane[at]nrf.ac.za or 086 647 7310 or posted in hardcopy to

    Jane Mabena at National Research Foundation,
    P.O BOX 2600,
    PRETORIA, 0001.

    For more information and application, visit: IKS Research Fund Program

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