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IFA Norman Borlaug Award: The International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) grants every year since 1993 the IFA International Crop Nutrition Award for research that has led to significant advances in crop nutrition and that has been communicated successfully to the farmer in the form of practical recommendations.

IFA recognizes that research alone is not enough to achieve meaningful progress at the farm level.

Effective knowledge transfer is needed for the wider adoption of improved nutrient management practices.

In that connection, IFA has decided to recognize individuals whose contribution to last-mile delivery has been outstanding.

Any individual involved in extension work related to crop nutrition is eligible.

The award is offered to individuals (not to organizations or companies) for their agricultural extension work in developing countries.

Qualifying work should reflect the level of senior extensionist from public or private entities.

For more information and application contacts, follow the links below.

Deadline: 15th January.

For more award information and application, see: IFA Norman Borlaug Award Website

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