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IEEE EDS Masters Student Fellowship: One-year fellowships awarded to promote, recognize, and support graduate Masters level study and research within the Electron Devices Society’s field of interest: all aspects of engineering, physics, theory, experiment and simulation of electron and ion devices involving insulators, metals, organic materials, plasmas, semiconductors, quantum-effect materials, vacuum, and emerging materials.

Specific applications of these devices include bioelectronics, biomedical, computation, communications, displays, electro and micro mechanics, imaging, micro actuators, optical, photovoltaics, power, sensors and signal processing.

Three fellowships will be awarded, with the intention of at least one fellowship being given to eligible students in each of the following geographical regions every year: Americas, Europe/Mid-East/Africa, Asia & Pacific.

Only one candidate can win per educational institution.


  • US$2,000 and a certificate to the student, to be presented by the Dean or Department head of the student’s enrolled graduate program.

    Fellowship Application Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate must: be an IEEE EDS student member at the time of nomination; be accepted into a graduate program or within the first year of study in a graduate program in an EDS field of interest on a full-time basis; and continue his/her studies at a graduate education institution.
  • Nominator must be an IEEE EDS member and preferably be serving as the candidate’s mentor or faculty advisor.
  • Previous award winners are ineligible.
  • Demonstration of his/her significant ability to perform research in the fields of electron devices and proven history of academic excellence in engineering and/or physics as well as involved in undergraduate research and/or supervised project.

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    Deadline: 15th March.

    For more information and application, visit: IEEE EDS Masters Student Fellowship Website

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