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ICS Fellowship Programme: Call for Fellowships in the field of Geothermal Energy;

In the United Nations System, a fellowship is a specially designed or selected training activity for the purpose of fulfilling special learning objectives.

Such training takes place in an appropriate training institution, usually in response to, or in conjunction with, a specific human resources policy or plan; it aims at impact and relevance for all the stakeholders involved.

The Institutional Agreement between the Government of Italy and UNIDO, which sets out the framework for the operations of the ICS, states that one of the main functions to be undertaken by the ICS in fulfilling its objectives is long-term and short-term advanced training, as well as the operation of a scheme of visiting scientists and scientific associates.

The ICS Fellowship Programme is therefore an essential element of the mandate of the Centre: the nature of the Fellowship Programme reflects its high-level scientific content.

In the ICS context, fellowships are designed to address specific requests or requirements of scientists and technologists of developing countries and countries in economic transition.

The ICS Fellowship Programme is based on a dual approach:

training designed to build on the Fellow's knowledge in a specific scientific and/or technical field, and training by way of 'hands-on' experience in undertaking ad hoc projects, or working within a selected ongoing scientific activity at ICS.

In all instances, the experience thus acquired should be directly relevant to the Fellow's Institute and to his/her home country.

ICS fellowships are generally of longer duration than the more traditional UNIDO fellowships, in line with the established standards and practice of scientific institutions world-wide.

Post Main Functions:

  • Geothermal energy resource exploration and evaluation technologies.
  • Advanced methods in geothermal reservoir characterisation and exploitation.
  • Innovative energy recovery technologies: geothermal or industrial.
  • Optimized power plants technology M&E (monitoring and evaluation): closed loop control of power plant results.
  • Innovative and controlled Energy Separation Technology: steam + brine.
  • Innovative and optimised ORC (organic ranking cycle) power plant technologies: performance efficiency + enhancements.
  • promoting ICS e-learning programme through the diffusion of information within the Fellow's institution of origin and other focal institutions in his/her country.
  • upon return to home country, acting as ICS e-tutors for training his/her peers and transferring knowledge through the use of ICS scientific materials (DVDs, etc.) and IT tools (portal, etc.).
  • training in specific skills (extra-curricula activities) such as Linux and Open Source software. Required qualifications


    Eligible candidates should be currently based in developing countries or in countries in economic transition and should be affiliated to local specialised institutions.

    At the moment of the submission of the application, candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Italy for more than 12 months in the three years immediately prior to the deadline indicated.

    Skills and Experience:

    Candidates should be experienced researchers, i.e. either possess a doctoral degree (PhD), or have at least four years of formal pre-doctoral experience in fields related to the relevant ICS core programme.

    Exceptions may be considered only for graduate students of very high qualifications.

    English Language Proficiency Certificate (such as TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate or equivalent); not required if university education has been conducted in English or if the candidate has spent at least one year in an English speaking scientific environment.

    Application Deadline; January 31st

    For more information and scholarship applications, see: ICS UNIDO Fellowship Programme.

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