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An ICANN fellowship is a grant of support which is awarded to enable individuals from stakeholder groups around the world to attend ICANN meetings.

This is a means tested program.

Applicants must be citizens of economically eligible countries; the World Bank classification of low, lower-middle, and upper-middle economies.

The fellowship covers the cost of economy class airfare and hotel, as well as providing a stipend after successful completion of the program, in order to assist in covering some basic expenses incurred by the fellow.

Recipients are expected to actively contribute to ICANN processes and be a part of the next generation of ICANN leadership.

ICANN Government advisory committee representatives and ccNSO members from eligible countries will be prioritized but anyone (apart from participants already supported by another ICANN constituency travel support programme) is welcome to apply.

Fellowships are awarded by an independent selection committee based on a mix of criteria including applicant experience and references, geographic proximity to meeting, receipt of past fellowships, etc

Travel will be covered by ICANN directly.

Hotels will be booked and covered by ICANN directly.

All additional hotel charges beyond the room are the responsibility of the fellow.

All fellows are eligible to receive a flat stipend not to exceed US $500.00.

Stipends will be provided to fellows by wire transfer, following successful completion of the fellowship program at the ICANN meeting attended.

Deadline: August.

For more information and application, visit: ICANN Fellowship Website

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