IB Outreach Scholarship for Kenyan Students

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ISKfs International Baccalaureate Program » Full IB Diploma Program Scholarship

The International School of Kenya (ISK) offers 2-year scholarships to outstanding 16- and 17-year-old Kenyan students to allow them to enroll in ISKfs International Baccalaureate graduation program.

Two scholarships of no less than 50% and up to 100% of tuition will be awarded on merit and financial need.

The recipients will be students with a record of outstanding academic performance and a demonstrated commitment to community service, who can provide evidence of financial need.

A 50-100% scholarship to ISK is worth from $10,000 to $20,000/year

The purpose is to provide financial support to attract outstanding Kenyan students, who otherwise could not afford tuition, for the IB Diploma years.

The aim is to provide opportunities for low- to middle-income Kenyan students to participate in an academically rich and culturally diverse experience that will open the doors to university admission (and further scholarship support) to the best universities in the world.

The IB Outreach Scholarship is a need-based competitive merit scholarship.

Target recipients will be the most outstanding students, with both a very strong academic record, demonstrated leadership skills, and evidence of commitment to service, sports and/or the arts, coming from other schools in Nairobi.


  • Two 50-100% scholarships will be offered for grades 11 and 12 - one to a boy and one to a girl in each grade.
  • To the highest performing Kenyan nationals who apply for the scholarship and who can demonstrate significant financial need, are 16 or 17 years of age and have completed Form 4 in the Kenyan system or O levels/ IGCSE in a British-curriculum school.

    Scholarship Details:

  • Recipients will be granted admission for the two years of the full IB Diploma Program.
  • Capital levies, admission fees, and bus fees will be waived.
  • The total value of this waiver is between $7500 and $10,000. Students may be admitted on partial scholarship, if the family's financial background indicates that the family could contribute more than 50% to tuition expenses.
  • In such cases, more than two students may be admitted on scholarship to 11th grade.
  • Deadlines for payment of remaining tuition fees apply to scholarship students.
  • Additional expenses during the school year (for participation in trips, special events, etc, that are not covered by tuition fees) will be the responsibility of the student and his/her family, unless an amount is identified and documented for this purpose at the time of awarding the scholarship.

    Application Deadline; February 1. For More Information and Application, Please Visit;IB Outreach Scholarship for Kenyan Students Website More: Scholarships for African Countries » Undergraduate Scholarships » Africa University Scholarships
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