IADR David B Scott Fellowships

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The David B. Scott Fellowship is awarded annually to a dental student in one IADR Division and will rotate alphabetically among the Divisions.

It will be the Division's responsibility to select the recipient by any method it devises, but the Division must present the candidate's name and the proposal for his or her research experience to the IADR Board of Directors for approval.

The annual recipient of the fellowship will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies of each IADR General Session & Exhibition.


  • The student must be training to be a dentist, must be registered in an accredited or acceptable dental school, and must be sponsored by a dental researcher, with the approval of the dean, at that school.
  • Candidates may not have received their dental degree nor should they be due to receive their degree in the year of the award.
  • Candidates may have a college or advanced degree in a discipline other than industry.
  • Candidates MUST be IADR members.

    Research Experience Proposal:

  • The IADR prefers that Fellowship funds be used to support the dental student's completion of a research project.
  • The dental student may conduct this project during periods between school terms or during free time within the school term.
  • The Division is also encouraged to suggest any alternate proposal, which may be more relevant to the needs of dental students in the Division, but any proposal must provide an experience in dental research.
  • The student and his or her sponsor must submit a proposal to the division for a research project that is no longer than eight pages - including references - typed and double-spaced.

    The proposal should include the following:

  • Aims, objectives, and significance of the proposal
  • Rationale and background to the study
  • Materials and methods
  • Statistical treatment of data
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Budget

    The proposal will be reviewed for acceptance by the IADR Board of Directors.


    The East & Southern Africa Division Officers will select the fellowship recipient and will then send the candidate's name to the IADR Global Headquarters for presentation to the IADR Board of Directors for approval.


  • The IADR expects to award the David B. Scott Fellowship in the amount of US$2,500.
  • The Division shall propose how the award funds shall be used and criteria for selecting candidates, and this should be stated in the proposal.
  • One suggested distribution of funds is US$1,600 for the student's stipend to allow him or her free time necessary to complete the research project, US$300 for laboratory supplies, and US$600 to provide travel to an IADR meeting or a Divisional meeting.
  • All funds shall be used for research and shall not be used to cover administrative costs.
  • The Division may make multiple Fellowship awards if the funding described above is sufficient.

    Deadline: 15th October

    For more information and application, visit: IADR David Scott Fellowships Website
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