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The purpose of this call is to support the establishment of African networks to carry out research within the remit of the Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Initiative, which is a partnership between the African Society of Human Genetics, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Wellcome Trust.

The Human Heredity and Health in Africa Initiative aims to facilitate a contemporary research approach to the study of genomics and environmental determinants of common diseases, with the aim of improving the health of African populations.

To achieve this, the Initiative will support the creation and development of the necessary expertise and infrastructure in Africa and establish pan-African research networks.

It is envisaged that studies funded through the Initiative will inform subsequent strategies to address the health inequities in both communicable and non-communicable diseases, leading to health benefits in Africa.


Up to five years' support is available, and expenses may include:

  • Support for staff

  • Materials and consumables

  • Equipment purchase and maintenance

  • Training and network meetings.

  • Awards are expected to be in the region of £2-4 million.

    The Trust recognises that it will take time for applicants to develop their full application.

    There will therefore be a two-stage process, and applicants who are shortlisted at the preliminary application stage will be awarded up to £20 000, to enable them to bring members of their network together to discuss and refine a full application.

    Awards will be made to African institutions; the principal applicant will be an African citizen or resident with a primary appointment in an African institution.

    It is expected that coapplicants will also be African citizens and/or based in African institutions, but collaborations with internationally leading-edge groups from outside Africa are encouraged.

    Application Deadline; 16 September.

    For More Information and Application, Please Visit;Human Heredity and Health in Africa Funds Website

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