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Highway Africa Awards:

The awards are given annually at the Highway Africa Conference to recognise and promote the creative, innovative and appropriate use of new media technology in Africa.

Judges are looking for innovative applications of New Media in African journalism and the media.

Awards are given in three categories:

1. Individual and Non-profit category:

Recognition will be given to communications which find innovative ways to overcome the limitations of the existing African infrastructure.

2. Corporate category:

Judges will be looking for creative adaptation of global technologies in an African media context.

3. Other broad criteria:

(which apply to both categories), is the use of new media to benefit press freedom in Africa and encourage social empowerment in African communities.

Ultimately the award aims to highlight innovations that result in African media benefiting from new ideas and developments in communications technology.

Deadline for the submission of entries is around August, 20 each year.

You may attach your motivation and fax your details to +27 46 603 7189. Please mark for attention: Highway Africa New Media Awards.

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