Grants for Researchers;Small Grants from Global Consortium on Security Transformation (GCST)

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 Scholarship grant

Grants for Researchers:

Small Grants from Global Consortium on Security Transformation (GCST) are given annually to researchers, professionals, activists or practitioners under the age of 35 years from civil society organizations in developing countries.

Academic research, policy briefs or working papers can be developed by selected candidates on subjects related to the processes of transformation of the security sector.

“The goal of this initiative is to promote new foci and outlooks on security, as well as to open spaces and link new actors to the debate, reflection, and research of the subject.”

The GCST requires that the research proposals include some of the following criteria:

  • The need to observe the impact of public policies and/or international cooperation on poor and excluded sectors of society.
  • The study of the perceptions and demands of poor sectors of society on security.
  • The need to observe the impact of citizens’ participation in the security realm.
  • Incorporate comparative foci to address the local realities.
  • Refer to subjects linked to the processes of transformation of the security sector (private security, organized crime, public security, regional security, governance and security, security and gender, transparency and citizen participation, police, peace processes, intelligence, among others).
  • Although it is not a requisite, the GCST will pay special interest to those proposals whose authors are from the countries or regions on which their studies are developed and will especially welcome proposals that focus on the Global Consortium Working Groups’ topics.
  • Gender, race, and other minority status will be considered in the selection process.

    Grants will be up to $5000 and can be transferred to the personal account of the selected applicant.

    For more information and application, see: Global Consortium on Security Transformation(GCST)Website

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