Grant for Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal Function and Health

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Grant for Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal (Gut) Function and Health

Grant for Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal (Gut) Function and Health: This is a request for proposal from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under the grant program as part of the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative.

The program seeks identify and validate biomarkers that accurately reflect the physical and physiological integrity of the gut in children in the developing world.

Disturbances in gut function can result in devastating health effects, which are especially notable in young children since they have the greatest requirements for somatic and brain development.

There is a need for biomarkers to help in the evaluation of gut function, providing a baseline comparison between a functionally healthy gastrointestinal tract and a pathological condition to guide interventions and preventions.

The goal of this opportunity is to identify and validate biomarkers of gut function to improve the health and development of children in the developing world.

This funding initiative is intended to identify promising biomarkers that accurately reflect physical and physiological properties of the structural or functional integrity of the gut—especially the ileum or small bowel.

Ultimately, biomarkers of interest will be sensitive, quantitative indicators that can be correlated with outcomes such as nutrient absorption, failure of linear growth (stunting), and cognitive development—all of which can be impacted by enteric infections and malnutrition.

The deadline to submit applications is January 11.

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