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The purpose of the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund is to promote educational development in Sudan.

In recent years this has led the Trustees to support two kinds of activities.

Firstly, educational projects in Sudan and secondly, individual Sudanese students studying for a postgraduate course in the UK, but who intend to return to Sudan at the end of their studies.

If you are such a student and wish to apply to the Trust Fund for financial support, please download and complete the application form.

The application form is only available for download and completion between January and March.

The criteria on which grants are awarded is as follows:

  • Support for students in progress rather than those wanting to embark on new courses
  • A letter of support from the student's Supervisor.
  • Requested amounts to be of manageable size.
  • Need to take into account the expected completion date.
  • No support given for dependent relatives.
  • Priority for those wishing to study in the Sudan.


    The Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund,

    PO Box 122,


    BN18 8BE. UK.

    Email: secretary [at] GMCTF.org

    Website: Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund

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