Global Fund for Community Foundations

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Grants are aimed at developing the capacities of community foundations as strong and effective vehicles for local philanthropy and local development.

They can be used to support a range of institutional development activities, particularly in the key areas of grantmaking, local fundraising / endowment building, and management, structure and governance.

Eligible activities include:

  • Obtaining external technical assistance from national, regional or, occasionally, international consultants;
  • Internal capacity development in areas such as governance, fundraising, grantmaking, strategic planning, self-assessment, evaluation of impact, etc;
  • Peer exchanges or other national or regional convenings of community foundations and other local philanthropic institutions;
  • International study visits;
  • Development and sharing of innovative community foundation practices or learning tools which can be shared broadly within the local philanthropic sector.

    Grant money from the Fund can also be used to leverage local resources or to raise the profile of individual community foundations, but only in as part of a larger, institutional development application.

    For more information and application visit: Global Fund for Community Foundations

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