Getting an effective recommendation

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Never underestimate the power of a recommendation letter. It can be very useful in tilting the last scales of a tight job race in your favor.

This is why you do not want to present the letter that is not convincing. How, then, do you go about getting effective recommendation letter, and end up with a lukewarm one?

The first step is to start early in seeking a recommendation. Don’t wait until the last minute, which then does not allow enough time for a well- thought out content.

Secondly, get someone who knows you well.

There is usually tendency of people running to the highest authority in their organizations for a recommendation, even in situations in which they have had little contact with the person.

You are likely to end up with a template recommendation that goes to everybody asking for one form the same office.

Selection panels usually look out for those elements in your recommendation letter that confirm the writer’s familiarity with your work.

It is a way of determining its credibility.

Give the person writing the letter as much information as possible about the requirements of the job you are pursuing, for them to make a sound connection and tune the letter to the circumstances as best as possible.

Generalized recommendations are not effective. Those that are specific to your abilities as per the job requirements are.

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