Fyssen Foundation International Prize

The aim of Fyssen Foundation is to encourage all forms of scientific inquiry into cognitive mechanisms, including thought and reasoning, which underlie animal and human behaviour ; their biological and cultural bases, and phylogenetic and ontogenetic development.

For this purpose, an International Prize is awarded annually to a scientist who has conducted distinguished research in the areas supported by the Foundation such as ethologiy, paleontology, archaeology, anthropology, psychology, epistemology, logic and the neurosciences.

The International Prize amounts to 50 000 euros.

Proposals for candidates should consist of :

  • letter of nomination
  • curriculum vitae
  • list of publications
  • summary (four pages maximum) of the research

    The proposal should be submitted in 15 copies to "Secrétariat de la Fondation Fyssen, 194, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris France"

    Deadline: October 30

    For more information and application, visit: Fyssen Foundation International Prize Website

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