Futuris Foundation scholarships

The scholarship is intended as support for young researchers to accomplish one of the three next goals:

1) obtain a masters degree at one of the programs of the University of Antwerp;

2) prepare for a Ph.D. trajectory during a one-year probational Ph.D. program;

3) conceive and realize a personal research project in the field of sustainable housing.

Students from developing countries will be considered with priority.

Scholarships are awarded for the duration of one academic year, with a maximum of three years for a successful student originating from developing countries including at least one year at a university in the home country.

The monthly allowance for studying at the University of Antwerp is determined at 850 euros per month.

The enrolment fee for a master’s course shall be provided. Travel costs (ticket, visa, insurance) can be reimbursed up to a reasonable amount.

Students from non-EU countries must comply with the following conditions:

  • have the intention to valorize their training in their countries of origin or in a developing country;
  • dispose of a regular visa
  • have a maximum age of 40.


    Futuris Scientific Committee
    Universiteit Antwerpen
    CDE – P.001
    Universiteitsplein 1
    BE-2610 Antwerp
    E-mail: sarah.verberckmoes[at]ua.ac.be E-mail: April 1st. For further details, and application materials, contact: Futuris Foundation scholarships

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