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Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program: The program aims to strengthen U.S foreign language instruction and promote mutual understanding by establishing a foreign language native speaker expertise on U.S campuses.

The program enables the teaching assistants to complete their home country pre-service training by engaging in non-degree studies at accredited post-secondary U.S educational institutions while teaching one or two language courses.

Additionally they serve as resource persons in conversation groups, cultural representatives, attendants in language laboratories, coordinators of extracurricular activities or supervisors of clubs and language houses.

Selected teaching assistants will enjoy Fulbright status in the United Status. They are expected to teach their language/culture for up to 20 hours per week while taking two courses per semester.

All FLTA's receive room and board, a monthly stipend, and tuition waiver for the required coursework, in addition to Fulbright immigration services.

  • Kiswahili is one of the targeted languages.

    These teaching assistants would be Fulbright Scholars and are expected to teach their language/culture for up to 20 hours per week while taking two courses per semester.

    The grant is for one academic year and is non-renewable. The program is designed to have native language and cultural informants who are close in age to undergraduate students in the USA. Normally, FLTAs would teach:

  • beginning level or conversation courses
  • work in a language lab
  • animate a language table
  • organize cultural activities or have similar duties

    Each institution assigns duties that will best meet the needs of their school's unique circumstances.

    Fulbright will pay for travel, health insurance and monthly maintenance of the selected candidates. Institutions where the FLTAs are placed provide tuition scholarships for the required coursework.

    Applicants must have a Bachelors degree, between 21-29 years of age and willing to travel without their dependants for one academic year.

    In Africa, applications are accepted from Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Senegal.

    For more scholarship information and application, visit: Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA) Website

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