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Forest and Society Fellowship: The Institute of Current World Affairs is searching for candidates for its Forest and Society Fellowship program.

The Fellowship is aimed at forestry professionals who would like to explore the people and societies living in and around important forest resources outside of the United States.

The purpose of this fellowship is to deepen our understanding of the factors that lead to destruction, preservation and sustainable uses of these globally important natural resources.

The Institute is also interested in solutions-oriented approaches that look at different policies and practices aimed at protecting forests.

The Institute takes a broad view of the possible areas or topics for the fellowship, which will be for two years. For example, potential themes include examinations of co-management of forest areas by government and local communities, effectiveness of forest certification and chain-of-custody, payments for environmental services, or carbon credits, inter alia.

Applicants need not limit themselves to these illustrations.

The fellowship provides an extraordinary opportunity for qualified individuals to learn and develop communications skills in a relatively unstructured environment.

The ideal candidate would have professional forestry qualifications and would speak the relevant language of the area chosen for study.

The Institute can provide support for training in order to close any gaps in fluency.

U.S citizenship is not a requirement, but candidates must show strong and credible ties to U.S. society.

Those interested in applying should send an initial letter of interest and a resume by February, briefly outlining the proposed project and explaining the personal background and professional experience that would qualify them for the fellowship.

Candidates who meet the basic requirements will be invited to submit full applications, which would be due by March 1.

The Institute’s Board of Trustees makes a final selection in early June.

Fellowship recipients are expected to initiate their fellowship within six months of receiving notification of the award.

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Initial letters are preferred by email. Email: apply [at]

For more information and application, see: Forest and Society Fellowship

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