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Fondation Ensemble is a private foundation - recognized by the state as serving the public interest - created by Gérard Brémond and Jacqueline Délia-Brémond, who had long cherished the idea of being actively involved in public interest work.


  • The Foundation is looking for programmes that will make a concrete and lasting improvement to the life of its target population.
  • Supported projects contribute to protecting the environment and rationalizing the use of natural resources.
  • Projects arise from specific findings that take account both the needs of local populations and those of the land.
  • The Foundation lends support to appropriate and concrete action whose results are measurable.
  • The Foundation is looking to support ongoing projects, and encourages innovation wherever possible.
  • The Foundation supports participatory and partnership programmes.
  • The projects demonstrate that they are integrated within the national strategy of the country in which they take place.
  • The Foundation demands to see accurate details of the budget and expenditure involved.

    It agrees to cover 10% of all administrative costs.


    The Fondation Ensemble does not fund :

  • Projects that do not fall within the areas of activity outlined above.
  • One-off projects that are unsustainable.
  • Awareness projects (in France and emerging countries) with no concrete and measurable activity.
  • Initiatives (in France and emerging countries) that do not have provisions for measuring the anticipated impact or expected results.
  • Projects that do not take account the protection or restoration the environment.
  • Initiatives that do not earmark the bulk of their investment for concrete action.
  • Micro credit, workshops, conferences, ecotourism, educational packages (in France) and study/research trips taken by students.

    Applications for subsidies that include allocating more than to paying wages of expatriates.

    Programme Fund, priority countries for 2009:

    Bulgaria, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Mali, Malawi and Morocco.

    Deadline: 10th September.

    Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

    For more information and application, visit: Fondation Ensemble Program Fund Website

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