Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Stability Conference

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

15 - 16 December

The European Central Bank is organising a conference on “Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Stability” in Frankfurt am Main, on 15-16 December.

The conference will bring together researchers from academia and policy institutions to discuss the importance of financial markets for monetary policy and macroeconomic stability.

The conference will provide a forum for presenting the latest advances in various empirical and theoretical issues. Possible topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Financial market imperfections and business cycle fluctuations
  • Corporate finance and macroeconomic stability
  • Credit and the housing market
  • Banking and financial intermediation in general equilibrium
  • Financial innovation and the transmission of monetary policy
  • Asset prices and monetary policy
  • Optimal monetary and fiscal policy in the presence of financial market imperfections

    Submissions and correspondence
    Authors should submit a draft of the paper or an extended abstract in electronic format to Ms Iris Bettenhäuser at the address; iris.bettenhaeuser[at]

    Deadline for submissions: July 15th.

    The conference will cover travel and accommodation expenses for paper presenters and discussants.

    Scientific Committee:
    Lawrence Christiano (Northwestern University)
    Fiorella De Fiore (European Central Bank)
    Massimo Rostagno (European Central Bank)
    Oreste Tristani (European Central Bank)
    Michael Woodford (Columbia University)

    For further details, see: Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Stability Conference Website

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