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Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship - One Fine Day Film Workshop. African filmmakers telling their own stories, this is what One Fine Day Film Workshop is about.

Treasuring African stories and wanting to enable talented filmmakers to reach a larger amount of viewers, the independent film production company One Fine Day Films developed with DW Akademie and Ginger Ink  a training workshop concept called One Fine Day Film Workshop.

The training is closely adapted to the individual requirements of African film enthusiasts today and aimed at the professionalization of the craft of filmmaking.

It provides the instruction of young filmmakers in various departments by professional filmmakers, as well as the realization of a feature film as an on the job training that conveys filmmaking in practice.

During the workshop a chosen group of talented Africans will get in contact with professional filmmakers from all over the world who are pleased to share their know-how and knowledge with them.

The participants will be guided and taught in developing and realizing their own visions and supported to attract attention with their films not only in Africa, but also in the international market.

This hands-on seminar enables the participants to learn how to make a film on their own and enhances their cinematographic and creative know-how.

By sharing the same experience during the workshops and the making of a film as a group of individuals not only a lot of exchange but the enthusiasm to continue is assured.

Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship - Expenses

The training course is conducted free of charge in Nairobi, Kenya.    
All teaching materials and relevant course related costs will be covered by One Fine Day Film Workshop.

During the workshop catering will be provided for all workshop participants.

For participants travelling from abroad (and outside Nairobi), the One  Fine Day Film Workshop will cover the following costs – within the limits of pertinent German    regulations –

  • Accommodation for the duration of the workshop
  • Costs for return journey between place of stay and Workshop location

Travel and hotels will be organized in coordination with One Fine Day Film Workshop. 

Please let us know if you have friends and family in Nairobi where you can stay during the time of the workshop.

Please note:

There is no provision of per diems. Participants not living in country of workshop should bring enough    

means for individual expenses to cover miscellaneous expenses, like phone calls home, laundry, and other individual costs.

Furthermore One Fine Day Film Workshop does not take out health, third party-liability or accident insurance.

Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship Qualifications

Your application for the One Fine Day Film Workshop will only be processed if you meet the following requirements:

  • You fill out the application form correctly and fully!
    In case you are selected as participant, please be aware that your   data may be published on our website and on other public materials as provided by you.
  • You have worked on at least one short film and/or you are a student at a film school or in a film program and/or you have experience in the film industry.    
  • You have submitted a complete application.    
  • You are a citizen of an African country and reside in Africa and be at least 18 years of age by September, 1.    
  • You are fluent in English language, written and spoken. The courses will be conducted in English.
  • If you apply for the Editing workshop, you know how to work with either Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro (basic knowledge will not be sufficient).

Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship Application

Please note that the application is individual. We cannot accept team applications.

The application consists of 3 parts.

  • A completed Application Form to be emailed.
  • A 1-minute application video about yourself (the URL of uploaded content to be stated in the Application Form).
  • A 1-minute application video on your previous works, work samples, show reel etc.

For more scholarship information and application, see: Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship - One Fine Day Film Workshop

Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship Application: Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship

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