Farm Concern International Jobs

Location: Africa

Farm Concern International Jobs:

Farm Concern International-FCI, is an Africa-wide Market Development Agency, developing pro-poor marketing models and strategic alliances to enhance economic growth among poor communities in various countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Farm Concern International wishes to invite qualified consultants from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Malawi to take up various consultancy assignments as outlined below:

1. Ref No.: FCI/DCR/Regional/KE/2011 - 001

Assignment: Regional Domestic Market Appraisal

(40 Man days)

2. Ref No.: FCI/DCRlReglonal/KE/2011 - 002

Assignment: Youth& Gender Strategy Development (20 Man Days)

3. Ref No.: FCI/DCRlRegional/KE/2011 - 003

Assignment: Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Strategy Development

(20 Man Days)

4. Ref No.: FCI/DCRlRegional/KE/2011 - 004

Assignment: Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy Development

(25 Man Days)

Based at the Farm Concern International Regional offices in Nairobi, the assignment will involve carrying out an in-depth appraisals, reviews and strategy development in various areas of Farm Concerns Programmatic focus.

The consultants will work closely with Farm Concern International offices in Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda to develop a Regional pro poor market strategies of the fresh produce markets in the Sub Region and identify them functioning of various value chains outlining the needed intervention strategies to enhance efficiency, inclusion an profit optimization for smallholder farmers as well various fresh market actors.

Qualifications of the Consultants

  • An advanced degree in Marketing, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Trade and Business, Resource Economics etc. with back ground in consulting/advising market access, Natural Resource management, Gender, Monitoring and Evaluation in developing countries.
  • A considerable experience in development and/or business particularly in the area of agri-business trade, Natural resource management, youth and Gender is expected.
  • Experience in private sector or equivalent in a competitive market environment would be an added advantage.

    Consultancy firms and/or individuals will have to apply via email to: directorate [at] an email title the Consultancy' Number and providing detailed capability profiles as well as the Curriculum Vitae person/persons who will undertake the consultancy assignments as well as day telephone number and email address by the 18th of March.

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