FAO Call for Case-Study Proposals

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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has identified the need for improving investment promotions for the growth of agriculture sector in developing countries.

Private sector has the capacity to attract domestic and foreign investments and investors continue responding to opportunities while host countries adopt proactive approaches to provide suitable environment for them.

However agriculture in developing countries, despite being a primary source of livelihood, has not been able to attract investments leading to persistent challenges for economic growth and food security.

It is critical to increase investments in agriculture in developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve food security.

Official development assistance provided in these countries for investment promotions have made some contributions, but the need “for building up investment promotion capacity in terms of developing robust strategies and supporting institutions, especially as they relate to investment for specific agribusiness and agro-industrial sectors” exists.

In this context, FAO has begun to fill this gap “by facilitating a learning exchange in which countries that have strong investment promotion strategies and associated institutions with demonstrated success in facilitating foreign as well as domestic investment in agribusiness and agro-industries share their experiences with countries that want to learn and improve theirs.”

The present call for proposals is "an invitation for detailed case studies on innovative public and private sector strategies and associated institutions designed to mobilize private agribusiness investment and accelerate development of agro-industries and agricultural value chains."

Selection Criteria

Individuals (especially professionals from developing countries are encouraged to apply) can submit the case studies.

Initially, 400-word abstract has to be submitted, outlining the following:

  • Describe briefly the overall strategy for increasing agribusiness/agro-industrial investment in the host country. Identify relevant policy and planning documents

  • Identify and briefly characterize the institutions engaged in increasing, facilitating, mobilizing or otherwise promoting agribusiness investment, e.g., start date, institutional type (public, private), targeted sectors, key operations, services, etc.

  • Describe the specific strategies and tools that have resulted in increased investment in the selected agribusiness and agro-industrial sectors.

    These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing relevant, high-quality information on the targeted sectors and making it easily accessible for prospective investors

  • Establishing direct contact with leading companies in specific sectors

  • Designing and negotiating incentive packages to attract targeted firms

  • Declaring special economic zones or export processing zones

  • Investing in and ensuring availability of skilled labour

  • Concession for first time investors

    Provide a brief appraisal of the country’s approach to promoting, facilitating and mobilizing agribusiness and agro-industries investment. As relevant, point to features which are unique as compared to other countries. Highlight the main challenges and lessons learnt in increasing investment for agribusiness and agro-industries development.

    The Grant

    Out of all the abstracts received, ten successful candidates will be selected to work and present a full 10,000-word case study for which they will receive a nominal honorarium of US $2000.

    Out of the ten, four candidates will be further selected and they will be funded to present their case studies at the roundtable on agribusiness investment to be organized by FAO. For More Information and Application, Please Visit; FAO Call for Case-Study Proposals Website

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