Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship

The Edward R. Murrow press fellowship, made possible by a grant from the CBS Foundation, offers a period of nine months at CFR's headquarters in New York for sustained analysis and writing, free from the daily pressures that characterize journalistic life.

One annual resident fellowship is awarded to a foreign correspondent or editor.

The program enables the fellow to increase competency in reporting and interpreting events abroad and promotes the quality of responsible and discerning journalism that exemplified the work of Edward R. Murrow during his life.

Application and Criteria

  • Applications are primarily by invitation on the recommendation of a CFR member, a former or current Murrow fellow, or the candidate's employer.
  • Candidates may also self-nominate.
  • The nomination letter should provide a brief description of the candidate's background and state why the candidate is an appropriate prospect for the fellowship.
  • Nominees who meet the criteria of the program will then be forwarded an application requesting:
  • A statement of no more than 2,500 words summarizing and appraising his or her experience as a foreign correspondent;
  • An overall plan for the fellowship year, including the applicant's proposed writing and how it relates to long-term career goals; and any additional information the candidate would like to bring to the selection committee's attention.

    Application Due: February each year

    For more information and application, visit: Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship Website