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Recognizing the importance of education in the advancement of developing countries, Educational Pathways International offers university scholarships to Ghanaian student of great financial need who, on the basis of academic achievement, intelligence, personal recommendations, and other supporting materials, can be considered “gifted.”

Students study in their home country.

EPI only accepts applications through the universities with which it partners, which are the schools EPI scholarship recipients attend.

Awards are granted once a year in the fall.

Scholarships are highly competitive and require the submission of a formal application and written essays describing why the applicant feels he/she should be considered for the program and how upon graduation he/she will make a difference within his or her home country.

Finalists are interviewed by a panel consisting of EPI staff and personnel from the university to which they are applying.

EPI scholarships include tuition, books, and lodging.

Scholarships are renewable for four years, providing the recipient maintains a grade point average of B or above.

During non-school periods, scholarship recipients are required to either work in a company sponsored internship program or perform some form of community service activity.

This includes mentorship and guidance regarding the importance of education to the youth in the recipient’s home community.

Upon graduation, EPI also requires all award recipients to work for a minimum of two years at an endeavor of their choice within their home country.

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