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These scholarship grants are intended to support local organisations and secondary schools to facilitate the secondary education of poor and needy Kenyan youth.

The award is for a maximum period of four years. Continuing students requiring less years are eligible and is subject to continued satisfactory performance by the student.

The grants can only be used for school fees (boarding, examination and tuition fees).

Priority will be given to organisations that encourage students’ families and communities to make at least some contribution towards the expenses of the student in order to benefit a greater number of students.


  • Local (Kenyan) Organisations and government secondary schools
  • Legal registration as a not-for- profit organisation (NGO, CBO, Children’s home, public secondary schools etc.);
  • Organisation/school should have been in existence for a duration not less than two years;
  • Focus on poverty alleviation, sustainable development and/or the promotion of civic responsibility
  • Accountable governance in place (for example board, committee that includes community members);
  • A minimum of one year experience in selection and support for secondary Bursaries/Scholarship;
  • Ability to monitor the progress of the students in terms of discipline and performance;
  • Ability to create mentoring program for the students who have received the scholarships;
  • Accounting system that meets the minimum standards that would allow for accountability for grant funds;
  • Secondary schools making applications directly to KCDF, eligibility is limited to public Secondary Schools.
  • For other organisations eligible students may be admitted to any registered/accredited public (Government, church or harambee) secondary school.

    For further details and application materials, contact: Education Scholarship Grants

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