East Africa Scholars Conference

Conference Date: 18 Nov

Location: Tanzania

Conference on the current challenges, future developments and roles of academic philosophy within the East African Community of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

This conference brings together scholars from the University of Nairobi, Makerere University, UDSM, as well as from other African universities (including several universities within Tanzania, who are currently only able to offer few courses in philosophy) to discuss the current state, challenges and future developments of teaching philosophy in East Africa.

The conference is organized in co-operation with the Department of Social and Moral Philosophy, University of Helsinki, and the Social Groups, Moral Autonomy and Responsibility (MoRes) Academy of Finland *research project, and is supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, DSM, UNESCO, DSM and the Embassy of Finland, DSM.

The conference aims at creating a forum for scholars from different countries to discuss the current state and role of Philosophy within the East African Community, and establish more institutionalized links between the Philosophy Units and Departments within the region.

The conference also advances research co-operation, and the North-South *link between University of Helsinki and the collaborating universities of Nairobi, Makerere and Dar es Salaam.

Inquiries should be addressed to Email: masoudnassor@yahoo.com or annamari.vitikainen@helsinki.fi

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