EDCTP Grants for Developing Countries

European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) 

The main objectives of EDCTP are to support the development of new clinical interventions to fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis; to promote European research integration; and to foster strong partnership with and between scientists in African countries.

EDCTP wishes to promote the establishment and strengthening of National Ethics Committees (NEC) and Institutional Review Boards (IRB) that are competent and independent.

Networking and training is encouraged and supported. Additional support in the form of online literature access, documents, access to websites on ethics and GCP will be facilitated.

The grant requested from EDCTP should not exceed the available funds.

The maximum amount that can be awarded per application is 50,000 euros.

If the total budget for the project is over 50,000 euros please specify the source of the additional funds and provide evidence of this (e.g. formal letter confirming an award). This grant may be awarded for a project with duration of up to three years.

Description of the Grant Scheme:

  • These include: application of proposal submission before the deadline in pdf-format, compliance with the rules stipulated in the section on ‘how to complete the application form,’ correct length of the application form, application in English and the appropriate legal status of the applicant.
  • Environmental Screening Note (ESN) and recommendations for minimising any environmental impact have to be provided. Selection Criteria:
    All proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Excellence (feasibility, impact, innovation, quality and record of applicants, quality of the proposed setup)
  • EDCTP relevance (public health relevance for developing countries, adequacy of proposal in context of the call)
  • Networking (contribution to improved south-south and north-south networking and collaboration)
  • Capacity Building components (like training aspects, improvement of infrastructure)
  • Project Management (representation of required expertise, appropriateness of budget)

    Deadline: 30 November.

    For further details, guidelines and application forms see: EDCTP Grants for Developing Countries Website