EDCTP Grant Scheme

EDCTP recognises the need and importance of networking in ensuring successful and sustainable outcomes.

Networking is therefore one of the main pillars of EDCTP activities and is used to achieve integration and coordination of European national programmes, strong north-north, north-south and south-south partnerships, transfer of technology, synergy and sustainability of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership.

Purpose of this Grant:

The grant aims to funding projects that will identify and strengthen joint programme activities (JPAs) and contribute to the integration of the national programmes of the EDCTP Member States (MS) on clinical trials of drugs and vaccines against HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa within the scope of the EDCTP remit .

It aims to enhance the activities of researchers investigating the same topic or disease, reduce duplication of effort and improve collaborations within or between African institutions and research centres.

Therefore when submitting proposals it is essential that applicants include projects or activities that involve or are sponsored by one or more European MS, but not funded by EDCTP, in order to link them with other similar projects or with projects that are already funded by EDCTP in order to increase overall integration of European MS' activities.


Proposals should be of maximum duration of 3 years.

The maximum amount of funds that can be granted for each proposal by EDCTP is €300.000, with the exception of proposals involving only networking activities in which case the maximum amount is limited to €100.000.

Since this grant scheme concerns already funded activities, new cofunding is not a requirement but it is encouraged.

Eligibility Criteria:

•Applications should be submitted in English and in the correct format (please see the ‘How to complete the application form’ section in the application form) before the stipulated deadline.

•The proposed activity must contribute towards the mission of EDCTP and fall under its general scope.

•The application must include a project coordinator and participants from at least two of the EDCTP-EEIG member states and at least one sub-Saharan African country.

•All proposals must have participation and existing public funding contribution from at least two EDCTP-EEIG member states .

•The proposal must fall under one of three categories, A, B or C, which are mentioned in the Call text.

•Projects already funded by EDCTP are ineligible for this call unless they request funding under category C for including a new partner to expand their network with another MS.

•Environmental Screening Note (ESN) and recommendations for minimising any environmental impact have to be provided.

Deadline: 5 June

For more information and application, visit: EDCTP Grant Scheme Website